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With over 200 events in 42 countries, there’s a race for every age or ability. From the world’s most elite athletes to the novice adventure seeker, if you commit, we’ll change your life. No excuses!

Spartan Kids

Race Against Someone Your Own Size

At Spartan, we strongly believe that kids should run, climb, jump and get muddy. We don’t give them medals, they earn it. We’re bringing it back to the basics.


Obstacles stand in your way to see if what you want is really worth fighting for. At a Spartan, you will find obstacles designed to test your mental fortitude and physical strength. While we don’t reveal all of our secrets, here is a sampling of some of the obstacles you will encounter on course.

Build A Spartan Team!

Rip your friends off the couch and into adventure. Whether they’re boosting you over a wall or chasing you up the mountain, make sure your crew is with you at the start line.

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