Almost 3000 years ago, an explosive race was born at the first Olympic games. The Stadion became the headline event for centuries. Now, Spartan has brought back the Stadion in a modern day format, and it's held at most iconic stadiums around the world.

The 5K, 20 obstacle Stadion is fast, intense, and all about camaraderie. Drawing on functional fitness training, it’s a true test of speed, strength and willpower. Stadion is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

What You’ll

You’ll be instantly recognized by other Spartans with Stadion’s unique collectible yellow swag, including a special medal and shirt. The Stadion wedge can be used in place of Sprint to create a rare Trifecta.

Spartan Stadion finisher t-shirt

Spartan Stadion finisher medal, wedge, and lanyard

At Event Recovery, Hydration & Support

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Featured Obstacles
Air Bike
Slam Ball
Rolling Epic
+ Many More
The Challenge

High intensity interval training will set you up for success on race day. If you’re a runner, focus on strength and conditioning workouts to help you blast through Stadion’s functional obstacles. If running isn’t your forte, work on your explosive cardio with stair climbs, jump rope, and hill repeats. Need help? Check out these training plans.

Stadion requires little more than standard sports attire. Stadion is intense and of relatively short duration, so you may want to wear compression apparel to help you with the explosive movements and reduce muscle fatigue. A pair of shoes designed for pavement use will help with comfort and speed. You’ll have access to regular hydration points at aid stations.


While both 5K events with 20 obstacles, Stadion is a clean, fast, functional fitness focused race held in stadiums in cities, whereas the Sprint is more classic Spartan racing, featuring off-road running, trails, mud, and big open festival spaces.

In the most iconic stadiums in the UK & Ireland, like the home to the English Rugby Union, The Twickenham Stadium, which we are very much looking forward to returning this season. Some others included The Stade de France, country'd biggest stadium, and stat of the arc , The Singapore National Stadium.

You’ll have a variety of terrain to run on, including stair climbs, flat indoor paths, and tarmac outside the stadium. It’s a good mix that’s not too difficult, but can be challenging depending on how fast you go.

The standard Spartan Trifecta is earned when anyone finishes a Sprint, Super, and Beast and collects the wedges for all three, which fit together to form a medal. The Sprint wedge can also be replaced with a Stadion one, creating a rare form of Trifecta.

If you’re in good enough health to do exercise, you’re ready to try Spartan. You don’t have to run the whole way, and failing obstacles isn’t a crime. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so get out there and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely become addicted to this incredible sport.