UK Trifecta Passes

UK Spartan Season Passes

*Disclaimer* Multiple race passes are not valid for Endurance events (Ultra Beast, Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, or Agoge.)

Feeling Spartan and want to race more than once in a season?

You’ve come to the right place. These passes are for Spartans that really want to push it. Don’t miss out! Our special 2019 launch price for the first 100 Trifecta Passes available!
There are two options for buying multiple race passes: UK Trifecta and Season Pass.

2019 Trifecta Pass

Don’t miss out! Our special 2019 launch price for the first 100 Trifecta Passes now available!

What’s the UK Trifecta Pass?

Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast in one calendar year.

The UK Trifecta Pass bags you a place at one Sprint, one Super and one Beast. You can complete the races in any order, but they must all be completed in one season to complete your coveted three-wedge Trifecta medal. This is for the true Spartans who want to tackle the full range of UK races in one calendar year.

(Note the Trifecta Pass can be applied to Open Heats only, this excludes entry into an Elite or Competitive heat. You may upgrade to an Elite or Competitive heat for an additional £30).

Complete all three races this year

  • Sprint: 5km+, 20+ obstacles
  • Super: 13km+, 25+ obstacles
  • Beast: 20km+, 30+ obstacles

Want to go one further? The Spartan UK Season Pass

Clear your schedule. We have multiple race weekends, and you’re invited to them all. Sprint, Super, Beast. Repeat.

A Spartan UK Season Pass earns you access to every Spartan Race in the UK calendar in 2018 (Excluding Endurance Events).

Test your mettle in the best imaginable way. You’ll race twice some weekends, but you’ll take it in your stride.

Spartan UK Season Pass Benefits

  • Entry into any one of our Open Heats (it costs £20 per race to upgrade to the Elite or Competitive Heats)
  • Reduced cost on multiple laps
  • Free Fastpass
  • VIP queuing