What Is Most Important To Me

Hi everybody, sorry for being away a while, but now I’m back! It’s just a few days until I will be back in my dear UK again. This time for the fearful Ultra beast, one of my big goals this year, AND I am bringing my kids!

When Spartan asked me if I would blog for them, they wanted to have focus on the kids. Finally they are going to get to be in a Spartan race again along with their mother and father. Let us not forget, as parents we will always be the role models and heroes of our kids. We follow our kids to the playground, but now this has switched. For the last 4 years now, our two girls have watched us play on large “playgrounds” and having fun. They watch us laughing with friends, climbing large obstacles and literary hanging around; and they want to play too!

Back home in Norway kids’ races are coming on strong. Almost every race director with respect for him (or her) self arranges one, but it hasn’t always been like that. The first year our kids raced was in 2014 at X-run, where they raced a little part of the adult course. Then, last year’s x-run had their very own kids day, just focusing on the kids that day, and the kids loved it. As I write this, in 2017, I think almost every race in Norway has a kids race, with big success. Why? Isn’t it obvious?

As I wrote in my previous blog, the OCR races are, for many, a change in life and living. It is fun, it creates the feeling of achievement and it makes you feel alive. You get kind of addicted, and just want to do more and more. With that follows a healthy living, combining strength, stamina and feeling good with yourself. Imagine doing all this together with your kids? Isn’t that just perfect? It’s a new kind of playing with your kids, bonding together with them in a pretty good and special way. Instead of sitting on the porch or in the sandpit reading a magazine…you can now do things together. Just that word…together. It is the most magical word in a child’s life I imagine. Isn’t that what every kid wants? Spending time TOGHETHER with mom and dad, being cheered at, seeing mom and dad smile, hugging, fighting together, getting over the finish line with red cheeks and getting that most awesome bling! For of course every child wants to have that special bling…just like we do 😉

A kids race can be from 500 meters to 2-3 km. The fun thing is that it’s strange how a kid can almost dance through a 2-3 kilometer course without training so much. A normal healthy kid should be just that active in their everyday living, with their jumping around, running back and forth. Unfortunately, not every kid is as active as they maybe should be, and therefore the OCR races can be a good thing for the whole family. An excuse for being active and staying fit together, while having fun. The last few days I have focused on my grip training, and we have these awesome places back home where both me and my kids can play equally. They are called Tufteparken and “Ammerudtunellen”. Tufteparken is named after Lasse Tufte, maybe the most famous calisthenics’ guy in Norway. He has created these little playgrounds for adults (and little monkeys) all around in parks in Norway. Perfect for climbing, hanging around and playing – both for the adults, but also for the kids, but my most favorite place is Ammerudtunellen. It used to be a dark, scary tunnel on the wrong side of Oslo, but then the politicians decided to refurbish it. They put light in it, painted it in cool colors, made the longest monkey bar in Norway in the roof, and a bouldering wall on the opposite side just as long, and my kids just love being there! Last night we brought music, our OCR team, refreshments and had a blast in the evening. Just the most perfect workout, I got to do my thing, getting a good workout, the kids could spend time together with me AND play. Because playing is what they love.

So – what is it with Spartan that is so supercool? Spartan race has created the perfect kids race in my eyes. Though my kids have started to race with us on adult courses…the Spartan kids race is so cool because they have created all the same obstacles as we do, just in miniature sizes. The rope climb, the hoist – even the bucket carry is downsized so they can manage! They get a cool start, they get to jump in the mud, crawl under “barbed” wire, they carry “heavy” stuff AND they get the most supercool bling and a t-shirt. Wow – how I love to see their happy faces when they cross the finish line on these races.

For us traveling with the whole family to Scotland is really expensive…but spending this special time with our kids, doing this together – it is so worth it. And if your kid hasn’t tried it yet…well I really do hope I see you all on the finish line taking a new kind of family photo to hang over the couch!

Aroo from Mari