The Importance of Not Asking Questions During a Hurricane Heat

By: Christopher Rayne

The fabled Hurricane Heat, that is often spoken about in rumors and legends, started in the wake of Hurricane Irene as it threatened the East Coast and forced Spartan Race to shut down the Sunday Amesbury race in August 2011. Instead, 150 Spartans showed up and were forced to carry sandbags and do 30 burpees at every obstacle, whether they got through it cleanly or not, and in these hours of pouring rain, sandbags, obstacles and endless burpees, the Hurricane Heat was born. But they did not toil alone. They would be put on teams with strangers and alongside their teammates they forged Spartan bonds of camaraderie and teamwork. This is the heart and soul of the Hurricane Heat.

What isn’t at the heart and soul are questions asked by participants of the Hurricane Heat to the Hurricane Heat Director. This may sound mean but from someone who has completed six Hurricane Heats and the very first Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, I’m going to tell you the importance of not asking questions in a Hurricane Heat and what you get if you do.

Additional Motivation

Questions ultimately will get you and your Hurricane Heat Class a series of “motivational” exercises that only make for tired muscles and fractured teamwork. It also shows that you are not paying attention to instructions that are given to your team. This might also earn you some special attention from the Director (which is never good).


When your class of teams is given a task which is ambiguous (most of the time they are) it is there for your team to figure out as a team, nothing more and nothing less. When in doubt use KISS, Keep It Super Simple (to put it politely), and complete the task without overthinking it. Remember asking questions will quickly lead you to learning what aqua burpees are.

Changing Your Frame of Reference

When completing a given a task that seems impossible while receiving answers, your world will seem easier because you will always look back to the Hurricane Heat as a source of strength and encouragement. You will also remember the Warrior Ethos which is the backbone of the Hurricane Heat and engraved on your Finishers Dog Tag.

Being a Part of Something Bigger


It’s important to trust the Director and your team. Questions lead to doubt, and doubt leads to failure. Trust that the Director will lead you to achieving something that is bigger than an individual can accomplish. Trust will be the bond that keeps your team together through the thick and thin. Trust in those seasoned individuals who keep coming back to the Hurricane Heat not to prove something, but for the joy of leading a new team to victory and accomplishing something more than an individual can.