Grab an epic 2 race pack at a discounted price and show a loved one just how much you care!

Forget flowers or chocolate, prove just how much a loved one means to you with any one of our four epic Valentine 2-Packs. Enjoy a fitness-fuelled experience of a lifetime at any of our eight venues with your partner, buddy or anyone important to you at a discounted price - what’s not to like? Race together, save together!

Valentine 2-Pack Pricing

Enjoy some epic savings this Valentine’s Day with our 2-pack offer!

Sprint 2-Pack

5K, 20 obstacles

Stadion 2-Pack @ Twickenham Stadium

5K, 20 obstacles

Super 2-Pack

10K 25 obstacles

Beast 2-Pack

Half Marathon, 30 obstacles


Test your chemistry over 5km and 20 signature obstacles. If you cross the finish line holding hands, your relationship has passed the ultimate Spartan test.

This year, share an experience of a lifetime with someone important to you. All of our 2020 venues have a sprint on offer, so you have plenty of epic courses to choose from! Through thick and thin, this Sprint will strengthen your bond and provide you with endless inside jokes.

Are you single or do you genuinely hate Valentine’s Day? Bring a bestie or family member along! Beware, you might meet your true love on the race course...


Get it on with the Stadion! Ditch the chocolates and surprise your partner, bro or bestie with a fun and healthy experience at the iconic Twickenham Stadium. The Spartan Stadion is 5km, with 20 obstacles as well as behind the scenes access at the home of English rugby. Run up and down stairs, around the pitch and be sure to capture a picture in the home changing room all in one epic day out.

You’ll make some awesome savings by committing to our Stadion Valentine 2-Pack. Grab them before the deal ends on February 19th!

All you single ladies and lads, don’t let this deal pass you by. Grab a mate and share a Stadion 2-pack - it’ll be an experience you won’t forget in a hurry!


Who do you want to share 10km and 25 fun, yet challenging obstacles with? They must be Super! This mid-distance race will test your relationship and leave you with a story to shout about!

In 2020, you can choose to race the Super as a pair at Ireland, Wales, Windsor or in the Midlands - whatever floats your boat! Don’t want to share? You can use both race passes for yourself if you want!

You’ll make massive savings when you buy the Super Valentine Pack, so sign up now and you’ll receive a coupon code for two to use at any Super in our U.K and Ireland calendar.


Who’s the beauty to your beast? Conquer a half marathon and 30 obstacles with a partner for the most epic weekend getaway. This challenging half marathon distance is something you’ll both be proud of at the finish line and will certainly give you bragging rights amongst your mates or peers.

There’s no time for cold feet. Grab your Beast Valentine 2-Pack now and continue your 2020 fitness journey in Scotland, Windsor or the South East.

The Beast Valentine 2-Pack isn’t just for lovers either. You can share it with your sibling, best friend, coworker, gym buddy or use them both for yourself. Spread the love.

*Offer valid for U.K and Ireland events only. Cannot be retroactively applied or combined with any other offers. Not valid for Kid’s Race, Endurance events or Age group and Elite heats. Offer Ends 19/02/20 11:59pm GMT.